Monday, 5 November 2018

GIMME OR NO THANKS: J’can foodies taste and rate KFC’s new Chizza

TAKE A BITE: KFC's new Chizza has scored mixed reviews among samplers.

IT’s one of the most buzzed-about new menu items on the fast-food circuit, combining KFC’s signature finger-lickin’ chicken with the traditional pan pizza. Introducing the Chizza! But what’s the verdict on this latest culinary twist? Are Jamaicans loving it? At Sunday’s well-supported launch of Restaurant Week at Devon House, we got a few patrons (who say they’ve already sampled it) to give us some honest feedback. 

>> “I give it an 8/10. But it was very salty. Would I try it again? Maybe not.” – Matthew, 28, Kingston 

>> “It was nice, but it has too much spice. It was too spicy for me. After a few bites I didn’t want any more, but I tried to finish it.” – Sabrina, 14, St. Andrew 

>> “I think it’s too much. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t buy it again. And the price is too much. For $790, you can get a three-piece meal. It was like a trial run for me.” – Ever-Gaye, 26, Kingston 

>> “I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to taste! You don’t taste any meat just a lot of sauce and spice. It was just too saucy and too salty. I give it a 4/10.” – Andrea, 29, St. Catherine

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