Wednesday, 7 November 2018

NEWS FEED: NCB increases support of CSEC students + Grace setting up food bank at UWI + Dr. Wayde Marr elected JITSA president

STUDY & SUSTENANCE: To support students at the tertiary level in a multifaceted way, the GraceKennedy Foundation is partnering with Grace Foods, other corporate entities and the UWI Guild of Students to open a food bank at the Mona Campus. Once open, the food bank will serve as a collection point for food donated by participating companies and then distributed to needy students. GraceKennedy-appointed scholars and other student volunteers will also participate in the newly-established student ambassador programme, receiving training in project planning and implementation.

NEW ERA: Dr. Wayde Marr has been elected President of the Jamaica Information Technology Services Alliance (JITSA) for 2018-2020. He will head up a new executive that includes three vice-presidents (Melarka Williams, Marvyn Eyre and Neil Abrahams), treasurer Pat Tomlinson, secretary Vitra Gopee and directors Dr. Sean Thorpe, David Allen and Stacey Halsall-Peart. According to Marr, JITSA will be proactive in efforts to build techno-business knowledge, upgrading current technical competencies and developing future skills among its membership and the wider IT community.

MONEY WELL SPENT: For Jamaican students sitting the annual CSEC exams, the government underwrites the cost of five subjects, while the NCB Foundation pays full fees for students sitting Principles of Business and Principles of Accounts. Effective May/June 2019, the foundation will also be footing the bill for Information Technology and two non-traditional subjects. “We realize that trends are changing and want to remain relevant. We have doctors and lawyers, for example, who are graduating every year but can’t find jobs. It doesn’t make sense to be producing professionals with these degrees [and] they can’t find jobs,” says NCB Foundation chair, Thalia Lyn. “We need more software engineers, for example. We figure that if we support them now, we will be the employer of choice in the future. It’s very strategic what we are doing.”

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