Friday, 9 November 2018

RETIREMENT LIVING: Pat Reid-Waugh on having the time of your life as a retiree

BETWEEN THE PAGES: "Live, don't just exist!" is Reid-Waugh's message.

IN her first book, Retirement: A New Adventure, Patricia Reid-Waugh, one of our favourite wise women, shares tried-and-tested wisdom centred on how to get the most out of life as a retiree. There’s plenty to do and enjoy, the author and coach tells her readers, in the pursuit of fulfilment and a sense of adventure in this your new chapter. A venerable resource and reference guide, Reid-Waugh’s book gets candid about everything from maximizing your travel plans, connecting with the world online, getting innovative, and how to turn your hobbies into income generators. 

>> Go! 
Reid-Waugh believes in living by a list. Ticking off one accomplishment after the other. “Oh, the education and knowledge I have gained from travelling! I visited Nelson Mandela’s prison cell in South Africa. Standing in a place where history profoundly changed for the better through one man’s strength moved me to tears,” she remembers. “I went rafting on one of the wildest rivers in Africa. I visited the ‘Church of Gold’ in Italy, attended dinner parties in Sweden. Along the way I put together a bucket list of the many other travel opportunities I wanted to pursue.” For her, the pleasure has been immense. “In retirement, with time and flexibility as my best friends, I am ticking destinations off that bucket list one trip at a time, and loving every moment of it.” 

>> Surprise yourself, try something new 
“I was in New York and, on impulse, sent a request to The Wendy Williams Show to attend the following day’s taping, explaining that I was a visitor to the country and there for a limited time,” she recalls. “I was elated at receiving the invitation within a couple of hours. The following day, I experienced the excitement of this live talk show in person, and I walked away with several gifts that were given to people in attendance.” 

>> Be safe, be smart 
Vigilance is paramount, Reid-Waugh cautions. Seniors in particular, have to be on their guard in cyberspace and elsewhere in the realm of technological advancement. “Never access a bank account or put in credit card info when you are using a public Wi-Fi network. If you can help it, do not even put in the password for websites that are linked to your bank account or credit card,” she advises. Also watch out for scammers, she continues. “Never respond to an email advising that you have won money in a contest, lottery or sweepstake you have not entered. Unfortunately, these are popular scams intended to entice you to disclose your personal information and con you into releasing funds purportedly for the payment of taxes, insurance and other fees associated with ‘winnings’,” she explains. “Legitimate contests, lotteries and sweepstakes will never ask you to pay any costs at any time in order to cash in on the winnings. Such costs are always deducted from the winnings at source.” 

>> Give back and pay it forward 
For many retirees, volunteering goes hand in hand with mentorship, Reid-Waugh says, and is just as fulfilling. “The ways to volunteer are almost limitless. Nearly every hospital, charity, school, library, service club and place of worship has room for volunteers. As such, the consideration is not how to find opportunities to volunteer, but rather which opportunities fit you best,” the author shares. Pass on your wisdom, she is quick to add. “As retirees, we have a lot of experience under our belts. This is experience from which the world can benefit. Volunteering has its own rich rewards for you. [It’s] a great way to meet interesting and like-minded people, make younger friends and acquire surrogate children with whom you may establish satisfying and lasting relationships.” 

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