Saturday, 10 November 2018

WOMAN TIME: A Letter from the Editor

GETTING IT DONE: White and Murray are both in the midst of major new professional projects.

IT just so happens that this month’s issue has morphed into a salute to formidable women across the age spectrum who are making their presence felt. Even more fascinating, two of them are first-time authors. While incredible wise woman Pat Reid-Waugh draws on her vast expertise as a coach and resource person to share tips on retirement living (from her must-read book Retirement: A New Adventure), Mary White is all about reflection and soul-searching and counting your blessings. 

White’s recently launched devotional Glass Houses (which has spawned a national book tour) will move you in profound ways and, as you will discover after reading “Time to Reflect,” so too will her personal narrative. White is one of those doers who know how to push and excel but still, modestly, consider themselves works-in-progress. The honesty is refreshing. At 40-plus, she says, she’s still making mistakes and learning, but there’s no stopping her when it comes to making strides on the road to the top. 

It’s the same kind of thinking that propels Neisha Yen Jones, who not only radiates outer beauty on our cover but brings amazing inner beauty and candour to my conversation with her for “Having It Her Way.” By all accounts, the Daytime Live hostess has set no ceiling for what she will accomplish in her lifetime. Further diversifying that impressive résumé (Broadway actress, prize-winning choreographer, TV personality, dance lecturer, doting mom) is the name of her game, and we’re intrigued to see what she will accomplish next. Is first-time author in her future? It would come as no surprise. 

What you will find surprising – shocking, maybe – are the never-before-revealed details about the Mary Lynch murder saga that rapidly emerge in The Innocence of Guilt, playwright-producer Michael Dawson’s theatrical take on the scandal that rocked Jamaica in the ’90s. 

For this controversial one-woman show, Thespy and Actor Boy winner Rosie Murray steps into the role of the still-embattled Mrs. Lynch and bares all! As I am writing this, I’d just seen the production the previous evening, and it is riveting stuff that will raise a few eyebrows and certainly ruffle a few feathers. 

Meantime, on a lighter note, November will bring our usual coverage of Youth Month events, Restaurant Week activities and lots of highlights from the latest happenings in and around this culture capital of the Caribbean.

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