Friday, 28 December 2018

LIFE + STYLE: ‘Glass House’ moments at Bookophilia + Step inside Sharon Feanny’s ‘Live Fit Kitchen’ + Introducing the Camille Davis Acting Workshop

STRENGTH: Yoga maven and home-maker Sharon Feanny knows all about the nutritional imperatives that come with healthy living – for a sound mind and a sound body. That’s why she has published Sharon Feanny’s Live Fit Kitchen, a fabulous cookbook that got a rousing launch in Strawberry Hill on December 9. Feanny’s publication comes laden with more than 100 recipes to help Jamaicans create meals that are equally delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare. Brawta: sweet treats for desert and other mouth-watering guilty pleasures to rock the palate – from the ‘fully loaded super food cookies’ to the ‘banana rama smoothies.’ Pick up a copy of Feanny’s cookbook at Fontana Pharmacy or order yours online at 

WISDOM: A small and intimate gathering assembled inside Bookophilia on Hope Road recently for a panel discussion centred on issues and themes arising from Glass Houses, the new daily devotional penned by first-time author Mary White, who was the evening’s gracious hostess. Her panelists included the HEART Trust/NTA’s Edward Gabbidon, Doreen Goulbourne and Duckworth Grange, who confessed that he had to cultivate a thick skin as a child growing up because he was mercilessly teased by his peers about his name. Later on in life, he said, he drew the conclusion that, “You will have to realize when you are stronger and when you need to seek help.” Members of the audience also shared their own ‘glass house’ moments as the evening wore on. Education minister, Senator Ruel Reid, wrote a special message for the event (read by his representative Alicia Lindsey), in which he commended White for taking the time to write down her thoughts. “It is our fervent hope that Mary White’s publication will be a valuable addition to our national archives,” Senator Reid said, “and that this publication will be the first of many for her.”

COURAGE: Wondering what Camille Davis has been up to since she moved on from Jambiz? The talented stage and screen actress and supermom has been sharing her knowledge with the up-and-coming generation. Introducing the Camille Davis Acting and Empowerment Workshop, which has started working with girls aged six to 14 years, to develop skills in character interpretation, motionless scenes and other aspects of performance art. “It’s about raising fearless performers who will command themselves with assertion and presence,” Davis tells The Gleaner. She has partnered with talent agencies to help provide opportunities for the youngsters to get their start in radio and TV commercials. “It was inspired by my need to give back creatively, especially to the younger talents,” Davis says. “I would lie to see the arts more appreciated and recognized. It represents Jamaica on as much an international level as our music.”

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