Friday, 14 December 2018

TIME WELL SPENT: Attendees get life-changing advice, cool gifts at Good Life Global Tour stop

IT'S ALL 'GOOD': Joan Wright Good, Deane Good and prize winner Tameika Duvall, who flew in from Washington DC.

THE curtains came down on the Jamaican leg of the Good Life Relationships and Business Tour at the Courtleigh Hotel & Suites in New Kingston on Saturday, with a spirited panel discussion centred on a range of topical everyday issues affecting our relationships: blended families, divorce, how to make your marriage work, compatibility, philosophies on dating, raising kids and introducing your child to the new man in your life.

Moderated by Deane Good and Camille ‘Coco’ Sinclair, the discussion featured contributions from first-time author and mother of four Kerie ‘Kiki’ Lewis, editor and parenting consultant Michelle Gordon, veteran nurse Jo Buchanan Williams and widow Paulette Keane, among others.

Earlier, Hollywood star boy Lamman Rucker (Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, Netflix’s Green Leaf) connected with the conference (A room with some loyal female fans) via Skype to give insights on his career in showbiz entrepreneurship and lessons learned. Dr. David Burris also participated in the day’s activities via video-conferencing to talk about the business of relationships.

Dr. Nsombi Jaja (Purpose Alignment) and Terisha Bennett Lee (The Propensities of Success) also delivered.

Conference conceptualizer and hostess Joan Wright Good then gave a captivating presentation about moving from fear and uncertainty to passion and finding/fulfilling your purpose. The author and businesswoman, who managed to start her business back in the day with $125 to her name, charged the participants to tap into their God-given gifts, start their own businesses and write their books. “Once you tap into your gift you cannot go broke,” she emphasized. “But when you identify [that] moneymaker, it is passion that will keep you in the room.” 

The tour has hit five cities, saving Kingston for last. Friday night’s opening segment featured praise-and-worship with singer Kimola Brown-Lowe, a powerful message by Pastor Christine Haber and a VIP networking session. Patrons flew in from Belize, New York and Washington DC to attend. A scholarship and a book contract were among the giveaways.

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