Friday, 25 January 2019

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK: Singer-actress Keisha Patterson on her focus, fast food and feeling free

TASTE & SEE: "To tell you the truth, I juice a lot," Patterson says of her healthy-eating habits.

KEISHA Patterson gets to sing and dance in her new show, Romi & Julie (a riff on Shakespeare by writer-director Patrick Brown and the Jambiz crew) and it’s one of the highlights in the musical comedy that’s been drawing sold-out nightly crowds to the Centrestage Theatre in New Kingston since December. 

The leading lady and showbiz veteran, “forever 21” years old, knows all about the prerequisites for keeping one’s instrument – and physique – in top-of-the-line shape for a grueling weekly performance schedule. But Patterson readily admits that, for her, handling life in the spotlight still requires practice and discipline. 

On sleep: Because I work at night I get most of my sleep during the day. I sleep late (Laughs). I’m probably drinking too much coffee. But I work Tuesdays to Sundays. Monday is my only day off. 

On her go-to beauty products: To remove makeup I’ll use cold cream. I don’t use any harsh stuff on my skin. I also like grape-seed oil. I don’t use many products, but I find that grape-seed oil is really good.  

On her diet: To tell you the truth, I juice a lot. I also love salmon with vegetables. Of course, I still do eat my fast food. But I try to eat healthy. 

On clearing the mental clutter: Oh, my. I think it’s the most important thing. I have to be totally centred before the show. If I’m to be here at a certain time, I’m here like an hour earlier. I leave the outside world outside. I’m Julie once I get here. And when my dad died, I definitely had to take some time to clear my mind, so I could focus solely on getting back to work.

On this magic moment in her showbiz career: At this point I feel free. I feel ready to take on the world (Laughs). I feel better than I’ve ever been in a long time, and I know there is much, much more to come.

>> Watch the Romi & Julie trailer HERE.

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