Tuesday, 15 January 2019

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK: Talking art and life, inner and outer beauty with Lindsey Lodenquai

GLOW GIRL: “I’m really basic when it comes to my diet,” Lodenquai shares.

ONE of the bonafide highlights at the Company Dance Theatre’s 30th anniversary season in Kingston was Lindsey Lodenquai’s solo piece “Blood at the Root,” with choreography by Tony Wilson and Nina Simone on vocals. Splendid. Solemn. Sublime. We’ve always been impressed by the young dancer’s precision, passion and commitment to craft whenever she hits centrestage. These days, she’s coming into her own not just as performer but as a first-time mom and a businesswoman, whose increasingly popular company New Wave is all about what’s cool, hip and trendy in Jamaica’s creative industries. 

On life at 25: “It’s good. I definitely feel like I’m on the right path. I just want to keep exploring and trying new things.” 

On her approach to healthy living: “I make sure I drink lots of water and eat as healthy as I can. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables. I’m really basic when it comes to my diet.” 

On her time at the Martha Graham School in New York in 2016: “It was a great experience. I definitely learned a lot about that technique. But in the end I decided that it wasn’t for me.” 

On what always makes her laugh: My friends make me laugh; they make me smile. Hanging out with them is always fun.” 

On clearing the mental clutter: “I find that getting regular exercise is good. That really helps. And keeping focused and having a special zone for yourself is also important.”  

On sleep: “I have a 16-month-old, so I don’t get as much I would like (Laughs). 

On what’s next for New Wave: “The plan is always to improve on the brand as much as possible. We have something planned for Reggae Month and we also hope to do a summer series. This year we want to make all our projects bigger and better.”

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