Thursday, 11 April 2019

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Hot new tracks from Romain Virgo, Alkaline, Kumar Bent, Bugle and Etana

Bugle and Etana
“Show Love”
Two of reggae’s most respected contemporary talents team up on this easy-breezy number encouraging us all to ‘love thy neighbour’ and rise to higher moral ground. Etana, fresh from her first Grammy nod, and Bugle, who keeps racking up the hits, share a delightful chemistry that makes the song a tuneful experience. [B+]

Kumar Bent
“It’s Alright”
We could all use some emotional uplift in these turbulent times. The former Raging Fyah frontman makes his solo debut with this feel-good track about keeping the faith and striving against the odds. Bent’s vocals are as earnest and sincere as ever, whetting appetites for the body of work he’ll be delivering as he embarks on a post-boy band career. [B]

“Never Lose Hope”
The ace deejay, known for his hard-hitting rhymes, flips the script with this conscious, keep-your-head-up single, off the Made in Jamaica riddim, that ‘burns out’ corrupt practices and other social ills. At the same time, Alkaline is all about giving strength and courage and timely reminders to his fans about side-stepping the snares of the enemy. [B]

Romain Virgo
Black queens, Mr. Virgo is your biggest fan. He pours on the charm and appealing lyrics on this radio-ready jam that’s a celebration of Black beauty and chocolate goodness. While encouraging his fans to ‘love the skin you’re in’ and boost up their self-confidence and self-esteem, he’s echoing the timeless message that Black is beautiful. You better know it. [A-]

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