Thursday, 25 April 2019

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Gracie-Ann Watson on loving life, her perfume collection, and her girl crush on Beyoncé

STRIKE A POSE: "This is me. I always be myself," shares the full-time mom and part-time actress.

Juggling two kids (11-year-old Unique and Tyreek, 8), a day job in the auto industry, a part-time acting career and club-league netball, Gracie-Ann Watson has a full plate. But she loves all that she does so much that she feels no stress, no pressure. Now in her early 30s (to be confirmed), she looks great and sounds like a woman in a truly happy place in her life. This season, Watson, who has made a name for herself doing films (Glory to Gloriana), plays (Mature Attraction), music videos (Wayne Marshall, Vybz Kartel) and TV projects (Royal Palm Estate), returns to centrestage for Sugar Daddy Wednesdays at the Phoenix Theatre.

>> Style icons and inspiration: Locally, I love actress Carol Campbell. She’s a beautiful and natural woman. Very pleasant and easy to work with. Fabulous actress. On the international scene, I love Beyoncé. I’ve always admired her style and how creative she is. And you never hear any gossip about her. She’s beautiful on the inside and out and such a great, positive role model for young women.

>> Hair/Makeup/Glam crew: I do my own makeup (Laughs). Some women will take like 30 to 45 minutes to get ready. I don’t need more than 10 minutes. I normally stick to a natural foundation, lipstick, eyeliner and some eyeshadow. I have two stylists who do my hair, Kel and Kerry.

>> My Ideal Look: This is me. I always be myself. If something is in style right now, I’m going to wait a while before I go with it. I always want Gracie to stand out from what’s happening in fashion. A lot of people think I’m Indian, but it’s because my mom has good hair. My favourite way to wear my hair is braided because it doesn’t show my age. (Laughs).

>> Must-have products: Apart from my makeup kit, I have a big perfume collection. Love, love, love perfume. Good Girl is a favourite brand. I also have DKNY, Desire and Chanel Blue. 

>> What’s beautiful to me: Being happy and comfortable with your life; that’s beautiful to me. Being natural, being real. That is what life is about. I strongly believe in that. You make life what it is. 

Glam girl! Keep up with Watson on Instagram @barbiegracie.

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