Thursday, 9 May 2019

GOOD MEDICINE: The benefits of good posture / Are colder temps better for your brain? / Doing the mosquito wave

GO FIGURE: According to Stuart McGill, author of Back Mechanic, good posture makes you appear confident, healthy and symmetrical. Your core muscles, he points out, wrap around and support your spine, making it easier to maintain posture. Proper positioning, he further notes, prevents painful micromovements between joints. “Poor posture,” says performance coach Brett Klika, “tucks in the glutes, giving you the ‘no butt’ look. NB: Slumped shoulders push the neck forward, creating an enlarged tummy, even if you don’t have one. 

BRAIN POWER: Colder temperatures can help you think more clearly. A report carried in Reader’s Digest informs that studies have found that people perform some cognitive tasks, such as decision making, better when the temperature is colder. Research has also shown that folks are less inclined to tackle complex issues in the summer than in the colder months. It’s important to note that the brain requires glucose to function, but the body uses more of it in warmer temperatures to keep the body cool, leaving less fuel available for reasoning and recall tasks. 

BUZZ KILL: Forgot your insect repellent? Just wave your arms. A study published in Current Biology reports that mosquitoes dislike air vibrations, such as those you create when you move. And when vibrations are combined with your unique odour, mosquitoes associate them with your odour and steer clear. In this era of dengue and H1N1 we need all the helpful tips we can get.

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