Friday, 17 May 2019

THE OTHER SIDE OF: Senator Aubyn Hill loves his fish, old movies and a good joke

WORK & PLAY: Hill is all about living (and enjoying) his best life.

HOW does Senator Aubyn Hill spend his time away from the hustle-and-bustle of the corporate world and public service? What interests and hobbies help him enjoy his downtime to the max? Here, the man who wears multiple hats (Corporate Strategies Ltd. CEO; Economic Growth Council team leader) shares some of his favourite things:

The secret talent he wish he had: Actually, for a long time I wanted to be one of those fighter pilots. 

The best thing he can cook: I don’t do any cooking, but I’m excellent at preparing eggs.

His favourite Bob Marley song is: “One Love” and “Buffalo Solider” is a close second.

The last time he laughed out loud: Today. I’m always laughing. It’s an important part of my emotional well-being. 

How he spend his spare time: I watch a lot of sports, particulary tennis and football.

Oxtail or pork?: Really and truly, I love snapper. (Laughs).

His idea of a great weekend: Spending it with a great book and a cup of coffee.

His favourite films are: 12 Angry Men and the Mission Impossible movies.

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