Friday, 14 June 2019

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Alexandra Gregory talks about her breakout role, her busy life and getting to great

YOU, ME & SHE: Gregory (seated) with COTE costars Wilson and Harris.

WHEN it comes to relationships, Alexandra Gregory is one of those take-no-mess girlfriends. “If I find out that you’re playing around with me, you’re gone,” she says bluntly. We’re chatting out in the yard at the Phoenix Theatre, where her play Case of the Ex just wrapped a two-weekend run. 

Standing at about five-foot-six, with cropped hair and blonde highlights, Gregory brings this same feisty streak to her character in the stage production, playing Dymond, an aspiring singer whose producer boyfriend (Kadeem Wilson) brings his ex (Dahlia Harris) back into the picture. Drama! 

Gregory is so convincing in the role, especially in scenes where she speaks her mind, that she copped a Thespy nomination back in February for Outstanding Supporting Actress. “As an actress I try to be a blank slate to be able to deliver what my director wants,” she explains. “I pretty much do whatever it takes to get the character right, and it was really important for me that the audience knows what this character is about.”

A standout talent of the new generation (alongside Shantol Jackson, Sabrina Thomas and Shakera Kelly), Gregory has no shortage of inspiration. 

“The actresses I admire include Dahlia Harris, for sure. I hyperventilated when I heard that I would be working with her on this show,” says the rising star, who also salutes Nadean Rawlins and was groomed by Suzanne Beadle, while a student at Ardenne High.

These days, she’s still a student, about to complete her first degree (in Psychology) at the University of the West Indies (Mona). “Offstage, I wear many hats,” she reports, laughing. “I’m a swimming instructor, a student and a cat mother.” 

She has a film project in the works, and her performing arts troupe Quilt (she’s been a member since 2017) has a remount coming up. 

At 21, Gregory says she feels like someone on track to greatness. “I’m proud of myself. Not a lot of people can say they’ve done some of the things I’ve been able to do,” she notes. “I’m also my hardest critic, so I feel there’s so much more to accomplish.” 

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> Favourite Movies: Sweet Home Alabama, My Fair Lady 
> Book Recommendation: Olive Senior’s Gardening in the Tropics 
> Dessert Fave: Anything from Sugar & Spice 
> Life Principle: “Do good to people and good will follow you.”

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