Monday, 19 August 2019

SOCIETY, SOCIETY: Peter Phillips vs. Peter Bunting getting exciting / A different role for Patrick Hylton / Fly J’ca making a comeback

>> As the September 7 election draw closer, it’s been announced that Dr. Angela Brown-Burke has agreed to serve as campaign director for Peter Bunting, who is on a mission to unseat Dr. Peter Phillips as President of the People’s National Party. But what recently had the cocktail circuit atwitter is the fact that Brown-Burke’s husband, Paul Burke, is an ardent Peter Phillips supporter. And according to a letter that was reportedly leaked, he had absolutely no idea that his wife was planning to support the Bunting campaign. But, by all appearances, Paul Burke is a reasonable husband. He has conceded that his wife can support whomever she pleases. That’s how you keep the peace in the household.

>> Shakeup at NCB! According to recent reports, Patrick Hylton is being replaced as CEO by Septimus Blake as of this month. Dennis Cohen, in the meantime, is stepping down as Chief Financial Officer, making way for Malcolm Sadler. Concerned NCB loyalists will be glad to hear that Hylton is not leaving the financial institution as he will now serve as president and CEO of the parent company NCB Financial.

>> The owners of Fly Jamaica plan to return the airline to the skies in early September and will be supported by an expanded fleet of planes due for delivery by October/November. CEO and majority owner Glenn Logan projects that getting the airline fully operational again could see them spending as much as US$15 million.

>> Calling all retirees and returning residents: a new US$10 million residential high-rise is being planned for Bloomfield in cool, cool Mandeville. See the press for details.

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