Friday, 30 August 2019

TALLAWAH BOOK CLUB: Three outstanding Jamaican men release powerful new books

>> Editor’s Pick! 
Jamaican politicians almost never publish books while in office. Dr. Christopher Tufton is among the rare exceptions. Ian Randle Publishers recently released State of Mind: Politics, Uncertainty and the Search for the Jamaican Dream, in which Tufton (our current health and wellness minister) offers a firsthand account of competitive party politics and domestic governance, while offering a view of contemporary Jamaican politics rarely seen. Packing 228 pages, the book also charts Tufton’s own journey in the public service, highlighting such repeat stints as cabinet minister and deputy leader of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). 

TRANSFORMATION & SUCCESS: “My very early years produced nothing remarkable. I was a rather dull child until it was discovered that I had poor eyesight. This [discovery] turned my whole world around, and I became an avid reader and an academic,” reveals Prof. Errol Morrison. Such jaw-dropping admissions are in ample supply in his new autobiography Growing Tall, Pursuing Excellence. Released by Pelican Publishers, the inspiring book invites readers to reminisce with the Jamaican stalwart as he charts his rise from such modest beginnings to becoming a noted professor of endocrinology, President of the University of Technology (UTech) and a member of the Order of Jamaica. 

WORD TO THE WISE: Everyone from Prof. Elsa Leo-Rhynie (“powerful”) to Lt. General Rocky Meade (“a template for daily living”) have been raving about Reflections for Living and Growing, a compilation of the writings of Rev. Dr. Webster Edwards. “The central theme of the book is that we are living in a world that is good, that it is an exciting time to be alive, and that life is to be celebrated,” says the Princeton University alum and World Council of Churches scholar. “This is the brightest period in the intellectual development of humankind, and there is a measure of latent goodness permeating the world, just waiting to be discovered.”

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