Saturday, 3 August 2019

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Etana scores major points at Sumfest / When Tifa gets Cover Girl gorgeous / The effortless glam of Talia Soares

ICONIC MOMENT: Grammy nominee Shauna ‘Etana’ McKenzie was exuding regal beauty and having a glam-girl moment as she commanded the stage at Reggae Sumfest recently, performing for her thousands of fans. She resembled Miss Jill Scott in full bloom, with her big diva hair and full-figured presence (and that golden voice, of course) as she rendered hits new and old. Etana seems totally focussed on the music side of the business at this stage of her career, but the songstress strikes us as someone who could successfully venture into the beauty biz with a hair or skin-care line for the earthy sisters. She has options aplenty.

FACE VALUE: We’re still celebrating the recent success of another of our longtime favourite certified divas, Tifa, who became the first Jamaican to be signed by Cover Girl. Tifa is a glamour girl at heart, and she says the makeup brand’s Full Spectrum collection, for which she is the face, is a godsend. “Especially when I have to go to more places than one for promotional purposes, I don’t have to touch up, retouch up or do anything to myself. I can just move,” she said in an interview. “When you’re on shoots, it makes the process easier because you don’t have to stop every minute to pat your face.” Overall, she feels honoured to have been asked to represent a celebrated brand like Cover Girl, which is increasingly catering to the chocolate girls. Says Tifa, “I’m excited to be a part of and to represent a brand that is promoting makeup for women of colour.”

THE CHARMER: The camera loves Talia Soares and we’re totally feeling her vibe as host of the televised reality series Losing It. From Intense to the Miss Jamaica World finals to the FAME FM airwaves, she’s grown up before our eyes, nurturing an appealing mix of spunk, edginess and effortless beauty, with no shortage of self-confidence. We see a late-night talk show in her future.

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