Friday, 13 September 2019

5 THINGS I’VE LEARNED IN LIFE: Schoolteacher and actress Natoya Lee on faith, family and always being true

STRENGTH OF CHARACTER: "I try to be my authentic self at all times," Lee says.

AS a schoolteacher (returning to the classroom at Naggo Head Primary this month), one of Natoya Lee’s favourite on-the-job activities is writing jingles for her young students to better understand the concepts. As an evolving woman (now 40), Lee herself is constantly on the learning curve, savouring valuable lessons that straddle the worlds of her personal and professional lives. Here, the mother, church choir director and emerging actress talks about what she’s learned: 

1. The Key to a Happy Marriage 
You can’t do it on your own; it takes both partners. And a lot of prayer (Laughs). You can’t be selfish in a marriage. And it’s also true that communication is crucial. 

2. Keeping the Faith 
Friends are great for support. For me, constant communication with the Lord is also important. Having a supportive group of people who watch out for you helps; people you can be accountable to and to cheer me up when my spirit is down. 

3. Family Life 
Being by yourself gets lonely, so I’m glad I have my daughter and my mom, who are just towers of strength. When I retreat from the world, I know I can go home and they are there to help me take a load off, especially after a hectic day. 

4. Staying true to you 
It’s not the easiest thing sometimes. There are expectations of you, and sometimes if you are not careful you will lose sight of the fact that you are more than the expectations. I try to be my authentic self at all times, and that’s why people are drawn to me. 

5. Being a Jamaican woman 
I have pride in that (Laughs). I love my hips and my full figure. I love that I am a Caribbean woman.

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