Monday, 2 September 2019

CHAT ’BOUT: Dr. Chris Tufton on J’ca and the Ebola virus / Lennie Little-White on energizing Brand J’ca / Prof. Stephen Vasciannie on J’ca and Int’l Rule of Law

>> “Given the fragmentation of our current Jamaican persona, now is the time for Government, Opposition and appropriate state agencies to seize the opportunity to energize our people with a Brand Jamaica message that runs second only to the National Anthem. This should be a national effort that bubbles up across all 14 parishes and not just trickles down from Jamaica House or Gordon House. Let Brand Jamaica be a psychological call to energize every man, woman and child.” – Filmmaker and businessman Lennie Little-White in a recent Sunday Gleaner column 

>> “Jamaica believes in the rule of law. As a small island developing state, we have to believe in the rule of law because we stand to benefit from the application of the law to our international and national affairs. As part of that, Jamaica has declared itself an archipelagic state through the Maritime Areas Act, and this is an attempt to follow the [UN] Convention. Jamaica is keen to follow the Convention.” – UTech President Prof. Stephen Vasciannie delivering a lecture on International Rule of Law recently at the Jamaica Conference Centre 

>> “Given the relatively robust surveillance and infection prevention and control practices in Jamaica, the public can be reassured that the current emergency arrangements are in place to enable an appropriate response in the event of the introduction of the Ebola virus into the country. The ministry will also be ensuring capacities for readiness, which includes addressing stock levels of critical equipment and supplies, protocol for specimen and patient transportation and reporting requirements.” – Health minister Dr. Chris Tufton issuing a statement in response to a recent WHO declaration

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