Thursday, 12 September 2019

GOOD MEDICINE: A taste for red grapefruit / How to beat a migraine / Blackberries on the local market

STRANGE FRUIT: Where in Jamaica can you get blackberries to purchase? 
Farm-fresh blackberries are on sale in Kingston at Butcher Block, Shop A7 at Upper Manor Park Plaza – and in the Second City at The Steakhouse on the Bay, located at the Montego Bay Yacht Club. Call 876-383-3746 for more information. 

HEAD STRONG: How to manage your migraines 
1) Know your triggers: They vary by individual and can range from extreme heat and exercise to sugar and alcohol. 
2) Keep a consistent schedule: When your sleep is irregular, you’re more prone to migraines. 
3) Control stress: Relaxation therapy, yoga and meditation can help. 

OUT OF THIS WORLD: Are there red grapefruits in Jamaica? 
One red grapefruit is said to contain about half your daily recommended dose of Vitamin A – a nutrient key to skin and eye health – which is more than 25 times the amount found in white grapefruit.

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