Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Q-&-A: Actress Trishana Wright dishes on her new show, her tough childhood and the joy of service

LIFE LESSON: "You can overcome the negativity of your past," says the award-winning actress.

PLAYING the good daughter in the hit play Pit to Pulpit brings a refreshing change of pace for Trishana Wright, who made her debut last year to much acclaim in the erotic dramedy Sugar Daddy. As she looks forward to more exciting and challenging work – and the growth it will surely bring – the 25-year-old rising star chats with TALLAWAH about her life then and now. 

TALLAWAH: Didn’t you find the name of your Pit to Pulpit character, Heaven, a bit amusing at first? 
Trishana Wright: It did catch me off guard because a name like that is very close to God and what God represents. But I’ve gotten used to it by now. 

TALLAWAH: There is no shortage of family drama in the production, especially the paternal kind. How did your father raise you? 
TW: I was raised by my mom actually; my dad wasn’t around that much, and it did affect me. So it’s an issue that’s very close to my heart. I felt like by doing the play I was being placed in a position to say to the audience that you can overcome those kinds of challenges. You can overcome the negativity of your past. 

TALLAWAH: Your portrayal of Heaven yields such a stunning contrast to your breakout turn last year in Sugar Daddy. What kind of role would you love to tackle next? 
TW: Probably playing a child, a 15 or 16-year-old. That would be a fun challenge; playing someone much, much younger than me. 

TALLAWAH: What’s the most fun aspect of your day job in the corporate world? 
TW: I’m big on customer service, so I really enjoy serving customers, listening to their queries, making sure that they are answered effectively and just helping them resolve whatever issues they are having. As a quality assurance analyst, the work involves a lot of listening and being helpful. 

TALLAWAH: The IAAF World Championships culminated in Doha last weekend. Were you athletic growing up? 
TW: In school I used to do sports; a little track-and-field. And I’m still a big, big fan of Bolt and Shelly-Ann (Laughs).

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