Monday, 4 November 2019

CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK: Spotlight on some 2019 Best Actor and Best Actress hopefuls

AS promised, this week we’re kicking off our annual rundown of the performances and productions that left such an impression on us that we deem them worthy of consideration for awards-season honours. We start things off with the leads:


We’re still raving about Michael ‘Stringbeans’ Nicholson’s captivating turn in Pit to Pulpit as a soon-to-be-ordained pastor with some shocking family secrets..... Straight Jacket has no shortage of domestic drama either, with Glen Campbell in fine form as a loving husband devastated to learn that, due to an episode from his wife’s past, another man may have fathered their only child….. John Chambers, meanwhile, could earn his first nomination in this category for his impressive work in It Stops Here as a brutish married man who uses his money to control his frustrated mistress and her greedy mother….. Quite similarly, Rodney Campbell did some of the strongest work of his career in Feminine Justice as an arrogant and abusive husband who meets his maker….. Not to be outshone, Stephen-Rhae Johnson took on the tragic Biblical prophet in the musical Isaiah with splendid results; Kadeem Wilson delivered some standout work as a barber with woman trouble in Special Cuts; Brian Johnson was simply enigmatic as a diligent Christian brother with issues in Yours, Truly; and Francois Medley hit all the right notes in Jesus Christ Superstar.


Sabrina Thomas brought the house down playing the nurturing but no-nonsense business partner Tina in Special Cuts….. Petrina Williams (Behind the Pulpit) gave a superlative turn as a newly appointed bishop grappling with opposition….. In Straight Jacket, Nadean Rawlins won us over with a first-rate performance as a wife whose past comes back to haunt her….. Maylynne Lowe was electric as an abused wife who gets some sweet revenge in Feminine Justice….. Aisha Davis stunned as the posh single mother/ go-getter whose daughter goes missing in Ananda Alert, opposite young Crystal Fletcher, who gave the most emotionally precise performance of her career so far; and Rosie Murray could return to the race this year, thanks to her clever portrayal of a ‘material girl’ in It Stops Here.

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