Friday, 1 November 2019

SOUND BYTES OF THE WEEK: Delroy Chuck speaks out on the paternity-leave issue / Donna Hope champions brand Jamaica’s power and potential / Don Wehby on why education is still the key

>> “With our love for all things foreign, we are always open to foreigners who come bearing gifts. What we do not have is the full appreciation of our global cultural reach. Neither do we have a clear vision as to how to transform more aspects of our culture into tangible products… [We can] begin to create, market and monetize more products that are oriented around the brand that is Jamaica.” – Dr. Donna Hope in a post-Kanye West Sunday Service Observer column

>> “If you want a better Jamaica, our conversations shouldn’t start with International Monetary Fund and fiscal policy; our conversations should start with how we are going to have a great education system – from basic school right up to university. That is the conversation we should have as policymakers… Education is not an expense; education is an investment.” – GraceKennedy CEO, Senator Don Wehby, speaking at the Annual Scholars Awards at UWI Mona

>> “If you want paternity leave you must be living with the mother [of your child] for a few months before birth. If it’s your wife, no problem… All I’m saying is that fathers in Jamaica need to take responsibility for the children that they have fathered. It’s just unfair for the mothers to struggle with these children, and all the fathers believe that they are to do is to send ah money. That’s not enough.” – Justice Minister Delroy Chuck addressing residents in St. James

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