Friday, 15 November 2019

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Joanna Johnson’s fly-girl essentials / More fruits for better mental health? / The ‘chilling’ effect

STAR QUALITY: From School of Drama to working in television (CVM’s Joint Tenants) to making strides in local theatre, actress Joanna Johnson has never failed to leave a lingering impression on both critics and audiences. This season, she burns a hole in the stage as the temperamental diva Becky in a remount of the hit gospel play Amazing Grace. Johnson, a 29-year-old natural who loves travelling, is now eyeing a foray into the film world and, fingers crossed, landing her first New York role someday soon. “I’ve been watching a lot of Broadway shows,” she tells TALLAWAH. “I hope to get to that level.” In the meantime, here are the beauty essentials helping her stay at the top of her game.

>> Face: Cetaphil moisturizer. “It’s great because I have such sensitive skin.”
>> Body: Jergen’s lotion.
>> Hair: Kantu’s natural line. “When I want to wear a weave, I’ll go with the straight extensions. I like wearing them with a side part.”
>> Perfume: Million. “The male version smells really, really nice. (Laughs).”

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: According to a recent study by Social Science & Medicine, even one extra daily serving of fruits and vegetables has the same soothing effect as eight days of long walks. As the study further points out, the researchers aren’t certain why but they do share that participants reported mental well-being just as high after eating more produce as after doing other calming activities.

COOL IT: Keeping your eye creams and gels chilled in the fridge can work wonders for your beauty game, especially when temperatures soar, according to Woman’s World. Per the mag’s beauty editors, patting cold creams or gels under the eyes quickly eases any puffiness caused by the heat while flushing out the trapped fluids that pool under your eyes. For more beat-the-heat benefits, they also recommend that you ‘chill’ your sunscreen, toning sprays, face masks and perfumes – to leave skin feeling cool and utterly refreshed.

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