Tuesday, 3 December 2019

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Hear these buzzworthy singles from Etana, Skip Marley, Morgan Heritage and more

Skip Marley feat. H.E.R 
“Slow Down” 
If you had any lingering doubt that Skip Marley heralds the second coming of his uncle Junior Gong, take a listen to his assured, grown-man delivery on this repeat-worthy after-hours jam, on which R&B sensation H.E.R’s smoky vocals offer terrific support. [B+

“Rock My Body” 
A versatile songstress who never shies away from embracing new styles in her musical expression, the Grammy nominee fuses groovy reggae with traces of electro-pop to treat fans to an infectious tune (off her new EP, Dimensions) about that jones-in-your-bones sexual attraction. Pure fire. [A-

“Till My Time Come” 
Evidently, one of the biggest lessons life has taught dancehall disciple Demarco is to live each day as if it’s your last. He delivers that timely message with a tight lyrical flow on this latest tune that’s as wised-up as it is potent. [B+

Althea Hewitt 
Making a solid comeback after a lengthy hiatus, singer-songwriter Althea Hewitt blends optimism and fearlessness on this radio-ready single, championing the joy and newfound confidence that comes with growing older and wiser. [B+

Morgan Heritage 
“Beach and Country” 
Jamaica as Caribbean paradise is a deep source of inspiration for musicians at ‘yaad’ and abroad. The Grammy-winning bandmates have much to smile ‘bout while channelling their passion and island pride into a groovy anthem that just feels like home. [A]

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