Tuesday, 14 January 2020

LIFE + STYLE: Kicking off 2020 in ‘brilliant’ style / The best tropical fruit / (Musical) memory lane

>> Hello, Sunshine! 
Stylish women from Barbican to Bluefields are looking on the bright side as they step boldly into 2020. So far the party scene has been awash in a lush colour palette, with hypervivid shades of yellow, in particular, upping the ‘wow’ factor. Above, some highlights.

>> #InTheKitchen
Refreshing (and healing) Mango Magic!
When was the last time you added a mango to your smoothie? You’d be amazed at the benefits, says Dr. Mehmet Oz. According to the good doc, blending one cup of the tropical fruit (fresh or frozen) into a smoothie energizes a weary thyroid, easing fatigue and super-charging weight loss in as little as a week. Researchers credit the polyphenols present in a mango for its gland-healing benefits.

>> Press Play!
Turn up the Dennis Brown! According to some British-based scientists, listening to the music you enjoyed as a teen triggers fond and nostalgic memories, which activates the reward centre in your brain for a feel-good mood boost.

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