Tuesday, 7 January 2020

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Leading lady Stephanie Hazle talks about her current favourites – and supporting local brands

DREAM GIRL: The actress frequently opts for made-in-Jamaica products.

IN her latest stage production, Hell & Powder House, Stephanie Hazle plays Janet Smith, a hopeless romantic who wises up when she discovers that her newfound Prince Charming is a creep and a criminal with a capital C. To say the least, Hazle (recently seen on the small screen in Ring Games) gives a butt-kicking performance, and she does so looking super-gorgeous, with a svelte physique, a sleek, shiny cut that frames her face, and a fab wardrobe. How does the 31-year-old actress (communications specialist by day) stay on top of her beauty game off-stage? What are the go-to products that give her those ooh-la-la results? She recently chatted with TALLAWAH. 

> FACE: The Nature Elements line has a turmeric-and-lime mask that I use in the night-time. I also like the aloe vera-based moisturizer by Irie Rock. I like to support local brands. 

> BODY: Shea butter is my go-to. It’s great for my skin, and I find that it’s also good for removing marks on the body. 

> HAIR: At night I use natural castor oil, and I prefer to wrap my hair before bed. Otherwise, I tend to use the Soft Sheen Carson line of products. 

> FRAGRANCE: My favourite brands are Juicy Couture and Estee Lauder. 

** D.I.Y – Getting rid of the lines between your brows ** 
Try this: Press and index finger between your brows then push it up in a diagonal line toward the right side of your forehead. Do it 5 times then repeat on the left. This relaxes the glabellar muscles between brows to help ‘iron out’ the creases – and greatly improve your smile!

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