Thursday, 19 March 2020

TALLAWAH BOOK CLUB: A new novel takes on Boys Town / Tips for winning at life / Wisdom from Heneka Watkis-Porter

THINKING BIG: Who hasn’t felt inspired by Heneka Watkis-Porter? The Jamaican poster girl for the by-the-bootstraps success story (Patwa Apparel founder and CEO, podcast host and motivational speaker), she is a firm believer in paying it forward and sharing the knowledge. To that end, she has self-published Motivate-Inspire-Provoke, a compilation of over 500 inspirational quotes from 300+ thought leaders in over 30 categories, in addition to her own personal hard-earned wisdom on everything from risk and quality to fear and failure to leadership and investment. One such Heneka-ism: “The key to fighting fear is to allow our hunger for a thing to be so much greater than any fear we could ever face,” she says. “When hunger trumps fear, we win.”

LIVING HISTORY: Born in Nigeria to a Jamaican father and an English mother, Jonathan Burke grew up hearing countless stories about his Jamaican heritage. Among the most fascinating was the story of the history and development of Boys Town. Decades later, Burke has transformed those historical notes into clever work fiction for young readers. Packing 120 pages, Coming Home to Boys Town tells the story of the landmark Kingston community through the lives of fictional characters who take part in actual events and interact with people like founding father Hugh Sherlock and legendary cricketer Collie Smith. With illustrations by Michael Bonnick, the book (published by Boys Town Development Ltd.) is Burke’s second literary effort, after 2012’s award-winning Bolo the Monkey, released via Blue Moon Publishing. The author is currently at work on his third book, also aimed at younger audiences.

AGAINST THE ODDS: “Amid the conflicts, disappointments and fears we all face, this book is designed to enrich, empower and enlighten you on the intricacies of life,” shares Sheridon ‘Donna’ Palmer, introducing her 80-page self-help tome Life: You Can Do It – Colouring Your World through Adversity (Westbow Press). Writing chiefly from personal experiences, Palmer, a Jamaican go-getter who’s had her share of ups and downs while making strides in the corporate world and beyond, motivates readers through candid and absorbing prose in chapters like “The Mirror (Self Effect)”, “The Fight (Life Effect)” and Passion & Purpose (Divine Effect).

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