Monday, 30 March 2020

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Nadine Blair’s self-love philosophy / Coconut oil as makeup remover / Getting rid of eye puffiness

>>BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL: How Nadine Blair learned to love the skin she’s in 
For radio listeners and gospel concertgoers, Nadine Blair has always come off as one of the most confident and self-assured people on the planet. But, by her own admission, not many people know that she’s been struggling with self-esteem issues for years. “It took me years to come to a place of accepting me for who I am. I am Black. I am dark-skinned, and I have a big nose and a big forehead. It was a real struggle growing up,” she tells All Woman. She remembers episodes back in the day when her light-skinned best friend would get all the attention from handsome young men, making her sometimes feel hurt, invisible. “It took me a while to learn that I was good enough,” the Love 101 host and author (Sing Your Song) says now. “It is something I still struggle with to a degree, but not as it was growing up.” Her advice for today’s young people: love yourself. “Right now I find joy in going and talking with young people,” says Blair, “because I want them to know that they are enough.” 

>>BEYOND THE KITCHEN: What coconut oil brings to the beauty counter 
Do you know what some smart and thrifty beauty babes use when they’ve run out of makeup remover? Coconut oil! According to the editors at Woman’s World, its antibacterial, antifungal and detergent-like properties make it excellent at removing dirt, oil and makeup from the face. What’s more, the oil’s fatty acids hydrate, so your skin doesn’t feel tight and dry like some makeup removers tend to do to the skin. How it works: For one minute, massage 1 teaspoon of coconut oil on to dry skin with makeup on, then rinse. 

>>THE EYES HAVE IT: How to cure eye puffiness 
Freeze two tea bags and rest them beneath your eyes for 2 minutes. The coldness and the tea’s tannins will rapidly reduce inflammation and swelling that makes your under-eyes look puffy.

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