Tuesday, 14 April 2020

LIFE + STYLE: Create a refreshing, restorative living space with these expert tips

WELCOME HOME: Beach's book is teeming with ideas for really transforming your place.

THE handbook Design Smarts: Inspiration for Home & Life by Mitzi Beach makes an excellent reference guide for veteran interior designers and first-time homemakers alike and just about anyone who wants to impress their guests. Below, three of her tips for bringing some mellow vibes into your space.

>> You can brighten your mood by literally brightening your space, says Beach, who recommends that homeowners invest in overhead lighting via ceiling fixtures or bulbs – and ambient lighting from lamps and wall sconces. Bonus: hang sheer curtains to let natural rays shine through. 

>> When it comes to accents, she says, don’t shy away from bold touches that make you happy. Buying accent pieces in a shape or a print that you really like can help you ‘reset’ by shifting your awareness to them. The point, the interior designer emphasizes, is to keep the overall aesthetic light and simple, then let your heart sing with a rug, a throw pillow or an accent chair that really speaks to you.

>> What colours should you splash on your walls? If you love darker colours, says Beach, save those for the library or the formal dining room – not where the majority of the ‘living’ happens. Warm, pale colours create a refreshing, restorative atmosphere that you can ‘colour up’ from season to season with flowers and décor. Perfect for rooms with lots of comfy seating where you want your family and guests to gather, socialize and connect.

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