Monday, 6 April 2020

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Press play on these brand-new hits from Kemar Highcon, Kabaka Pyramid, Shenseea and Kumar Bent

 "The Sidechick Song"

Shenseea has been a bad girl. Having sashayed her way into the life of another woman's man she's now hopelessly entangled. With this melodic 'matey' confessional (accompanied by a crisp, stylish new video), the dancehall star gives voice to countless 'other women' who feel they deserve to be more than something on the side. [Take a listen] B

Kumar Bent
"Remember Me"

Off his highly anticipated debut disc, Kulture Walk, Bent's earnest new track blends stirring vocals with a life-affirming message, delivering yet more proof that the former Raging Fyah frontman could soon be drawing comparisons to his more seasoned peers Protoje and Chronixx.  [Take a listen] A-

Kemar Highcon

How does Kemar Highcon keep the honeys in his thrall? With his winning mix of movie-star good looks, smooth lyrics and killer charm. He shares the details of his exploits on this bouncy new player's anthem that's a bit slim on the meat but has no shortage of swag.  [Take a listenB-

Kabaka Pyramid feat. Chris Martin

The current global health crisis is affording couples more quality time than ever. Listening to this mid-tempo jam (on which Martin supplies a smooth hook), at once it's clear that both entertainers have novel ideas for getting the most of the free time - be it late night or early-early morning.  [Take a listenB

>> Bonus Track!
Alicia Keys feat. Protoje and Chronixx
"Underdog (Remix)

Two of Jamaica's finest bring a dose of conscious vibrations to A-Keys' repeat-worthy latest hit that's all about keeping your head up and getting tough when the tough gets going. In the end, this 'underdog' takes flight via empowering R&B-pop with a splash of roots-reggae magic. [Take a listenB+

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