Monday, 27 April 2020

NEWS FEED: ‘Say Yes to Fresh’ campaign launched to support local farmers

FARM 'FRESH': New agri campaign to boost demand for locally grown produce.

IN the wake of a major falloff due to the coronavirus crisis, the Government has launched a new agricultural campaign – Say Yes to Fresh – to offer direly needed assistance to diligent farmers and their families across the island. The campaign is encouraging Jamaicans to #BuyWithPurpose as we #SupportOurFarmers.

“We’ve launched the campaign in an attempt to encourage all of us to play our part and increase the demand for our fresh produce and meat. If we can increase local demand, then it will motivate our farmers and fishermen to keep at it during these times,” explains Floyd Green.

According to the state minister, the last two quarters have been good for Jamaica’s agri sector, with a reported seven percent growth in the last quarter alone. “However, with the significant downturn in demand due to the fallout in the tourism sector,” he says, “our farmers have been hard hit.” 

As such, the timing couldn’t be better for a campaign like Say Yes to Fresh. “The truth is that the transformation of agriculture requires an all-of-country approach,” Green says. “As consumers we must make a conscious and concerted effort to ensure that whenever we shop we are supporting those who keep food on our table.” 

“For us, this crisis brings a great 
opportunity to accelerate the pace of 
the reorganization of the entire 
agricultural sector.” 
– Floyd Green

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