Monday, 18 May 2020

LIFE + STYLE: Make ‘wine’ cubes / Save your sensitive plants / Freshen up the house for less

>> Don’t let good wine go to waste
What to do with unfinished bottles of wine? If you don’t plan to drink it or cook with it before it goes bad, try this trick: Freeze it in ice-cube trays then simply pop out a cube when needed to chill a wine spritzer or to melt in a skillet for a quick pan sauce. A cube of frozen wine yields about two tablespoons.

>> Keep your house-plants looking lush and healthy
Have you noticed that despite regular watering the leaf tips of your beloved houseplants are turning brown? One possible culprit: chlorine, which is present in most tap water and can harm the growth of sensitive plants. To avoid this, let the water you plan to use sit out overnight before you pour it into the plant soil. This will allow the chlorine to dissipate, so your beautiful green plants get clean water. This is especially important for plants with thin leaves.

>> Brighten up your domestic space on a budget
According to the pros at, you can find lovely pieces that freshen up your home without costing a whole lot, especially if you’re a smart shopper. Discount stores and pop-up markets are replete with great finds that can allow you to add a few colourful bowls to the kitchen counter, put a jar of neon bulbs in your bathroom to make it more welcoming or place a decorative pillow or two in festive colours in your living room. In other words, freshening up the whole house without breaking the bank.

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