Friday, 1 May 2020

STREET SMART: Windscream Posse brings marvelous mix of message, music and strong performances

JUST TO GET BY: The cast in scenes from the riotously funny production.

The Windscream Posse (Jambiz Productions)
Director: Patrick Brown and Trevor Nairne
Cast: Glen Campbell, Sakina Deer, David Crossgill, Keisha Patterson and Courtney Wilson
Venue: Centrestage Theatre, New Kingston

THE kids are not alright in The Windscream Posse. A timely retelling of Patrick Brown’s comedy classic Oliver’s Posse, it’s endlessly funny but comes laden with sharp social commentary, especially concerning the plight of youngsters who struggle every day to survive on the mean Kingston streets. 

We meet bad-boy posse leader Bull (Glen Campbell), who agrees to expand his gang to include runaways Chrissy (Keisha Patterson), Prettiesha (Sakina Deer) and Midget (David Crossgill), who each share painful stories explaining why the streetside is now their base. Thanks to Bull’s tough-love tutelage, cleaning car glasses at the stoplight becomes their new means of earning money.

The bane of their existence is rowdy, trigger-happy cop Lickshot (Courtney Wilson), who wants them off the street, an end to their nuisance. But with nowhere to go, they have to roll with the punches. Until, at last, fortune smiles on them.

Oliver’s Posse was a true original but, even so, Windscream’s combination of a stellar cast, gallons of humour, musical flair and a big finish easily makes the production another winner for the Jambiz posse. 

Its thought-provoking message stays with you long after the lights go down. As Brown underscores, many of Jamaica’s street kids hail from broken homes and dysfunctional families, victims of vicious circumstances that will break you if you lack the will to strive against the odds, to fight for your chance. Tyrone’s Verdict: B+

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