Friday, 22 May 2020

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Manicure tips / Styling your hair for greatness / To nap or not to nap?

>> How to make your manicure last longer
Manicures can be especially prone to chipping as temperatures get cooler/colder and air loses moisture, making nails and skin drier. Here’s what the pros suggest: 1) Rub cuticle oil around your nails every night before bed to soften them, as this helps prevent nail breakage and chipping. 2) Every few days give the polish a refresh with a thin layer of clear top coat to help revive shine and ward off nicks. 3) When getting salon manicures, bring your own polish so you can do touch-ups at home.

>> The secret to lush, gorgeous hair
Scientists at the Good Housekeeping Lab have found that shampoos and conditioners labeled “volumizing” tend to have a lower level of conditioning ingredients that are less likely to wear hair down, making them a good foundation for styling… STYLE WHEN WET: Many styling products, like certain mousses and volumizing sprays, are meant to be applied to damp hair before drying for best results…HOT REVIVAL: At the end of the work day or between shampoos, revive limp hair by spritzing dry shampoo under sections of the hair at the roots, then lightly brushing through.

>> Sleeping Beauty: To nap or not to nap?
Per a review in Sleep Medicine, if you work the night shift or party too late, periodic short naps are fine. But to avoid waking up feeling super-groggy, doze in the afternoon (not in the morning or evening) for about 10 to 20 minutes.

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