Saturday, 2 May 2020

THE E-BUZZ: Buju Banton talks life behind bars, new album / Why Tami Chin left the music industry / St. Lucia Zouks happy to have Gayle

>> How Buju Banton kept his sanity while in lock-up
By his own admission, if it weren’t for frequent introspection and soul-searching, Buju Banton would not have emerged whole last December after serving his 10-year prison sentence in Florida. “I kept my heart pure and my spirit calm because in the heart lies the issues. If I am able to keep my heart pure in all circumstances, I’ll be okay,” he revealed during a lengthy television interview with On Stage host Winford Williams. “I had newspapers to keep me abreast of what’s happening. But mostly I looked inside myself to see what was happening. I wasn’t looking out too much.” Now he’s fully focused on reconnecting with local fans and global reggae lovers who’ve been awaiting his return. “We want to make music for the masses, for everybody,” says the Grammy winner who is gearing up to drop his new album, Upside Down, before summer. “It’s for people who nuh hear Buju in a long while and for those who support our reggae music.”

>> New talk-show host Tami Chin reveals why she really quit music
While Tami Chin Mitchell’s recent foray into the media landscape has caught many onlookers by surprise, the original certified diva says such a career move was always in the cards for her. “I’m not surprised that I landed in radio. I realized that everything I’ve done so far has been preparing me for this – from being in music, being a mom, running a business and having a podcast. I love showing up every day with this purpose and intention,” she tells All Woman on the set of Live Out Loud, her new morning talk-show on The Edge 105 FM. And it’s official: the full-time mom (three sons and an extended/blended family at home) has bid farewell to her music recording career. This time for good. Why? “It wasn’t for any other reason than that I felt like being an artiste had served its purpose in my life,” she says. “I was ready for something else.”

>> Chris Gayle’s Zouks transfer sparks joy in St. Lucia camp
Chris Gayle will not be suiting up for the Jamaica Tallawahs this season. But Jamaica’s loss is St. Lucia’s gain. The record-setting batsman is set to score runs for the Zouks when the 2020 Hero CPL league bowls off in a few months. While skipper Darren Sammy says “St. Lucia and the fans will be happy that Jamaica has released [Gayle],” coach Andy Flowers says this surprising new development is “brilliant news.” Says Flowers, “I’ve seen his exploits in all three forms of the game, and I am really looking forward to working with him and Darren Sammy toward a special year for St. Lucia cricket.” The surprising decision by the Tallawahs management to not retain Gayle’s services – and Gayle’s YouTube video response – has been dominating sports headlines. The 2020 Hero CPL league is scheduled to commence in late August/early September.

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