Wednesday, 17 June 2020

COMMUNITY BEAT: News and notes from Negril to Morant Point

Clarendon: A blue carbon restoration project in southern Clarendon, aimed at restoring more than 1000 hectares of degraded mangrove forest and boosting ecosystem-based livelihood opportunities, is to be implemented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under its Blue Carbon Fund and via its Natural Lab and Sustainable Islands programmes. The project, which will be the largest mangrove restoration project undertaken in Jamaica, is expected to result in a mangrove system that is "viable, healthy and optimally functioning." Completion of the project has been scheduled for 2026.

St. Andrew: The recent addition of 107 new retrofitted vehicles to the mobile fleet of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) was "timely and necessary in meeting the growing demand" for police services across the island (especially during the current pandemic), says Police Commissioner Major-General Antony Anderson. "We have been able to be more responsive to the needs of the public," the Commissioner says, "and this has supported us in taking on new tasks and roles associated with COVID-19."

St. Catherine: Entering an unprecedented deal with the education ministry, ReadyNet, the sister company of ReadyTV, will be providing WiFi services (by the end of June) to 100 rural schools and communities presently without internet connectivity. " We are very pleased that our first customers in Jamaica under our recently granted license will be schoolchildren, especially those in rural and remote areas who have generally been left behind," says Chris Dehring, co-CEO of Ready Communications. "This can be the beginning of a new and exciting time for Jamaica as we strive towards a fully digital society."

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