Wednesday, 24 June 2020

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Hot new tracks from D-Major, Squash, Popcaan, Alkaline and Dre Island

Dre Island feat. Jesse Royal
“Be Okay”
Off one of the most buzzworthy reggae albums of the year (Now I Rise, out now), Dre Island’s captivating collaboration with fellow messenger Jesse Royal brings a timely social message backed by impressive vocal work and haunting melodies. [Take a listen] A-

He’s been keeping a low profile lately, but Squash proves he’s still a leader in dancehall’s new school. He scores a touchdown with this slick, swagger-drenched track, which references everything from success to fast girls to side-stepping the playa-haters. [Take a listen] B

D-Major feat. Busy Signal
“Something New”
Singer-songwriter D-Major (né Damian Codlin) has been crafting some of the smoothest, sexiest songs in modern/contemporary reggae for years. He gets a solid assist from Busy Signal on his latest, a repeat-worthy late-night jam sure to put her in the mood. [Take a listen] B+

Teeming with his signature fusion of attitude, clever wordplay and energy to spare, the prolific dancehall hitmaker continues his winning streak with this slim but memorable tune. [Take a listen] B

The Vendetta boss has a lot on his mind. He puts his rivals on notice with this fierce, take-no-prisoners number, laced with the kind of grit and bare-bones honesty that has come to define his best work. [Take a listen] B+

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