Thursday, 18 June 2020

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Expert tips to treat pool hair, freshen your strands – and serve great face

THE FIXER: After a dip in the pool, getting the chlorine out of your hair can be a hassle. What are the best products to turn to? For starters, Woman’s World highly recommends that you reach for a shampoo made with sodium thiosulphate. “It helps eliminate all traces of chlorine, copper and oxidized metals,” the magazine advises, “while restoring your hair’s vibrant colour.” 

IN TREATMENT: For countless ladies, a sweaty scalp and the regular use of styling products that cause buildup leaves hair looking dull and dirty. What’s the solve? “A scalp scrub is a great way to detoxify strands,” one editor recommends. “It removes residual product and lifts away dead cells so your strands look and smell fresh again.”

>> Try this pro tip! 
When blow-drying your hair, tip your head upside down and gently lift the roots to add instant airiness to your hair. 

>> This week’s hot pick: Olay’s Tone Perfection Serum
“It’s brightening, protective Vitamin C is a proven skin-care hero. I use it every morning. This serum also has anti-inflammatory niacinamide,” raves Brian Underwood, O Magazine beauty director

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