Saturday, 11 July 2020

LIFE & STYLE: White egg, brown egg / Introducing the Amazon Smart Oven / What ‘toolbox divas’ know

Face Value: Does the colour of an egg mean something? 
According to nutrition experts, the shell colour doesn’t indicate anything significant about the egg’s quality or its nutritional value. That is determined by hen breed. Hens that lay brown eggs tend to be bigger and require more food, which is why those eggs tend to be more expensive. 

The Future of Cooking: Kitchens ain’t ready for the Amazon Smart Oven 
Technology is making food preparation that much easier for busy households. Say hello to the Amazon Smart Oven, one of the buzziest new appliances taking the market by storm. You can sync this oven with an Echo device and ask Alexa to preheat it. Or why not scan your packaged food with the app and then let the oven take over the cooking? Alexa will alert you when dinner is ready.

Cool website: Toolbox Divas 
This DIY site, which aims to empower women all over the world by teaching them handy skills, was started by savvy US-based entrepreneur Timisha Porcher. “[Doing things myself] started out as a budget necessity,” she tells Better Homes & Gardens. “But it has turned into the thrill of looking at something and thinking, I made that! It gives me a sense of pride.”

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