Friday, 28 August 2020

LIFE & STYLE: Loshusan’s ‘Buy Jamaican’ initiative / A job for stale bread / How to buy fresh fish

18 local brands getting special showcase at Loshusan outlets 
Since the start of August, close to 20 all-Jamaica brands have been part of a special buy-Jamaican initiative at Loshusan Barbican and New Kingston’s Loshusan-owned John R. Wong supermarket, in a move the owners hope will inspire other food retailers to give greater support to Brand Jamaica. Discounts and samples are part of the promotion. In addition to Quality Harvest, Swypz, Ashebre, the Jamaican Peanut Butter Factory, Ruby’s Goat Dairy and Tru Juice, the month-long promotion includes such local brands as Coffee Roasters, Smart Eggs, Nature’s Cream Condensed Milk, Copperwood and Walkerswood, among others. 

Stale bread is your friend! 
According to, it’s easily the best ‘tool’ for removing stains from delicate suede shoes. How does it work? Gently rub the suede, in a circular motion, with bread that has been left out for a couple of days or toasted until brittle. “The bread works like fine sandpaper,” the website shares, “to remove the dirt and stains without damaging the material.”

When buying fresh fish… 
Ask the vendor to poke the fish with a finger! No, really. According to food experts, it’s important to check the texture of the flesh. A fresh fish has firm flesh and should not leave finger indentations or, worse, allow a finger to push through.

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