Thursday, 3 September 2020

HOT-BUTTON ISSUE: Working group says ‘National Consensus on Crime’ is the answer

DECISION MAKERS: Gov't and civil society leaders say crime reduction is top-top priority.

IT’S long been acknowledged that it will take a serious collective effort to effectively tackle the enormous problem of crime and violence in Jamaica. To that end, a process has been activated by PM Andrew Holness and Leader of the Opposition Dr. Peter Phillips, aimed at forging and unprecedented bi-partisan approach to this islandwide challenge. A working group was established to undertake research and consultations.

Over the course of the past ten months, their efforts have borne fruit, leading to the development of a document called ‘The National Consensus on Crime – An Imperative for Jamaica.’

“We now have substantial agreement on the principles, pacts and initiatives that we collectively believe will provide a platform for tackling and enabling a sustainable reduction of crime, corruption and violence in Jamaica,” the working group is now reporting. “Our politicians have come together, civil society stakeholders have come together and we now look forward to the nation coming together, as we provide the opportunity for the entire nation work together.” 

Among the organizations that make up the working group are the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, the Jamaica Council of Churches, National Integrity Action, the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, the Mona Guild of Students and the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ). 

>> Editor’s Note: Government officials and civil society leaders came together to make the consensus official at a crime summit, hosted by the Jamaica Conference Centre, on August 3.

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