Tuesday, 13 October 2020

MAN ON A MISSION: 3 Things we Love About new Agriculture Minister Floyd Green’s Master Plan

A MAN WITH A PLAN: Youth engagement and public education are among Green's top priorities.

Newly appointed Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries, Floyd Green, has hit the ground running, leading a government ministry for the first time in his public-service career. Naturally, he’s been outlining plans for the long road ahead. Here’s a snapshot: 

1. Forging a link with the education sector 
“We definitely are going to be working with the education ministry to ensure that we have a robust agricultural science programme across all our institutions. We want a complete reshaping of the minds of how people view agriculture.” 

2. Attracting more youth to become farmers 
“We have to find a way to get more youth to come into agriculture and fisheries, and we have to make it easier for people who have a genuine interest to get a pathway to come into [the sector]. So one of the things I want to do is ensure that the information is at their fingertips.” 

3. Giving embattled fishermen solid support 
“The reality is a lot of our fishermen are going through difficult times, and we have to have a programme to help them retool, help them deal with the impact of climate change, and help them to do deep-sea fishing.”

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