Monday, 16 November 2020

MADE IN JAMAICA: Three cool things you should know about

HEAVEN ‘SCENT’: Set the mood with Allay Scent candles. Containing natural essential oils, these are 100% eco-friendly soy candles whose ‘flavours’ range from lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus to mangosteen, orchid and grapefruit. 

FORM & FUNCTION: With the gift-giving season right around the corner, you might want to consider items from Baughas Design Studio, which specializes in Jamaican hand-craft pieces, including ceramics, lighting and other home fixtures, as well as woods, clays and porcelains. 

EXOTIC BLEND: Who better to venture into culinary product design than a pro with a knack for tantalizing tastebuds? Chef/entrepreneur Lucian Dunn has brought to restaurant tables and supermarket shelves his Mosaic Foods Pepper Jelly, a flavourful condiment years in the making. With an “improved recipe” of home-grown ingredients, it’s sure to spice up your favourite dishes.

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