Saturday, 14 November 2020

TALLAWAH BOOK CLUB: JC’s rich history and legacy / K. Sean Harris takes us behind the music / Three distinctive new women’s voices

IN HER SHOES: “Sometimes we forget that we have a voice we can use to inspire other women around us, women who share the same struggles and cannot seem to find their way out,” says Patrice Simpson. Living up to her beliefs, the young first-time author has published SHE, a collection of vignettes inspired by the struggles and myriad experiences of everyday women. Featuring 70 pieces, the self-published effort explores intimate relationship matters, emotional and physical abuse, self-esteem and depression. Simpson, who became an unemployed single mother in 2017, hopes her book strikes a chord with women of all walks. “We all go through something in life,” says the Falmouth native, “but we can all be victors if we believe in our capabilities. I encourage [you] to think positively through all adversities.” 

HUSTLE AND FLOW: Dancehall Don, the latest from prolific home-grown storyteller K. Sean Harris, follows talented schoolboy Trystan, who transforms himself into a fierce dancehall entertainer named 6Lock. Before long, 6Lock ascends to the top of the industry, buoyed by his lyrical skills, chart-topping hits and the kind of street smarts that keep haters, detractors and gold-diggers in check. True to the Harris formula, Dancehall Don delivers “a gritty and entertaining” thrill ride, while exploring ambition, human relationships, family and revenge served ice-cold. 

HEAD OF THE CLASS: If there’s one thing Dr. Kasan Troupe knows, it’s how to improve student performance. Her foremost concern? The increasing importance that parental engagement must play in improving kids’ grades. In her new book, Education’s Missing Link, the veteran educator offers a “well-researched” and “comprehensive” study filled with practical advice and strategies to foster greater home-support engagement for student success. 

HALLS OF LEARNING: Jamaica College: A Sugar Planter’s Legacy by renowned old boys Hylton Dennis and Ian Andrews chronicles the fine achievements of the St. Andrew-based school’s distinguished alumni as well as its unsung heroes, while highlighting sports achievements and the great possibilities that lie ahead for the venerable institution. 

From our readers:
Doin’ Hair by Pauline Binder 
Binder spins a “rollicking” and “laugh-out-loud funny” tale about Charlene and Neva, two immigrant Jamaicans trying to make their way in the Bronx, New York, while grappling with issues concerning friendships and family and sisterhood.

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