Monday, 1 February 2021

LIFE + STYLE: Try the fruity, delicious new Guinness Smooth / Tessanne talks mommy joys and new music / Get that dewy glow with a Vitamin C serum

WINNING BLEND: Introducing Guinness Smooth, the newest addition to the Stout family. Officially launched in December, the beverage boasts an essence of coffee and chocolate, with the additional flavours of butterscotch and caramel marrying fruitier hints of green apple and banana. The result is “a delicious, flavourful liquid,” shares Nathan Nelms, Guinness brand manager, who adds that customers will also dig the balance of bitter and sweet. “We wanted to give our customers something new and exciting,” he says, “adding more variety for the discerning palate.” 

MOMMY DIARIES: Tessanne Chin’s baby girl, Zaia, is growing up so fast! “She’s crawling, eating big people food,” she says of the almost one-year-old, chatting recently with The Gleaner. “And I look back at the pictures of when she was just a little bunch in amazement. In a way, the pandemic has allowed her dad and I to be here experiencing the growth together.” Lucky for her diehard fans, Tessanne’s creative juices are flowing once again, and it won’t be long before she gives birth to another musical project. “Presently, I am working on different singles that I would like to use for a compilation, [an] EP or album,” she reveals. “I am just trying to find my balance and getting into the rhythm of things to concentrate on doing [the project].” 

GOOD LOOKING OUT: One thing dermatologists agree on: Vitamin C is great for your skin. The vitamin is study-proven to encourage cell turnover, brighten skin and promote collagen production, so your complexion looks youthful, renewed and radiant. According to First for Women magazine, Vitamin C-infused serums are highly recommended, thanks to their skin-brightening benefits, especially when used twice daily. Pat the serum onto damp skin, the mag advises, because “when the skin is moist, it’s more permeable, [allowing] the nourishing ingredients to get deep down into the skin’s layers fast.”

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