Tuesday, 16 February 2021

MADE IN JAMAICA: 3 Cool Things You Should Know About

ST. MARY’S OWN: Highgate in St. Mary is the home of Glenleigh Ltd, manufacturers of a range of sweet-smelling and body-nurturing products ideal for that moment when you want to reach for something home-made to pamper your skin. The noni soap, nutmeg soap and aloe vera soap are lovingly made from a batch of familiar and trusted ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil. Also available: bottled noni juice. Visit jamaicannoni.com. Contact glenleigh2@hotmail.com. 

AU NATUREL: Rich in antioxidants to soothe the entire body, the Aryton’s line of products promise self-seduction with palpable results. Their body butter moisturizers (Tropical Bliss, Juici Fruit, Dark Temptation, Midnight Fantasy and Amazin’ Grace) are formulated with 100% pure cocoa butter and Vitamin A. And why not add to your shopping cart a couple of their cute-as-a-button mini tubs of all-natural mango butter and shea butter. Visit arytonsdistributors.com. Contact: 929-1497. 

BODY BEAUTIFUL: Two Kingston-based companies bringing top-quality offerings to the beauty market: Island Skin Line (with their Groovy Body and Bath Oil; Coconut Virgin Oil; Jamaica Browning Coffee Tanning Oil, among others) and Keera Organics (offering neatly packaged Goat Milk Face and Body Soap; Liver Spot Soap; Castile Face and Body Soap and a Turmeric Face and Body Soap).

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