Thursday, 1 April 2021

THE BEAUTY PAGE: Beauty chat with Mary White / How olive oil can transform blah hair / Get your fix at The Beauty Nest

FACE VALUE: White, who favours high-end beauty products, says recycling fruit peel/skin is among her top DIY tricks. 

GRAPPLING with the economic fallout from COVID-19 while running a business and trying to maintain one’s peace of mind can take its toll. The signs can manifest physically. Author and businesswoman Mary White can relate. But thanks to her disciplined beauty regimen, these days she’s looking fabulous and stress-free amidst a sea of challenges. Here, she dishes on the go-to products and resourceful tips and tricks that never let her down. 

>> FACE: “I love the Oil of Olay face wash and moisturizer. I use it twice daily as part of my regimen. I also use a lot of natural stuff, like fruit peels, on my skin. Once I finish eating the fruit, like an orange of watermelon or papaya, I’ll recycle the skin and use it as a kind of facial scrub.” 

>> HAIR: “Albert V05 shampoo and conditioner is my go-to. I leave the conditioner in my hair and then brush it. I like my hair to feel soft and wavy.” 

>> BODY: “Johnson’s Baby Lotion, the pink one. It softens your skin. And I love the smell. Very sexy and comforting.” 

>> FRAGRANCE: “Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. It’s like an extension of my personal scent. It meshes with my natural body odour.” 

Revive lacklustre hair with olive oil! 
From the editors of Family Circle magazine: Massage about half a teaspoon of olive oil into the scalp for at least two minutes, then brush it through the hair. Then wrap the hair up in a turban or sleep on a towel-covered pillow. Shampoo it out in the morning. Enjoy the results! 

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